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3 Benefits of Hot Water Heater Tank Replacement in Maple Heights

Lots of problems can crop up involving the hot water heater tank. Sediment can build up. Over the years you have the unit, this can accumulate to unsafe levels, causing inefficiencies, blockages, or catastrophic damage. Tanks can corrode and start leaking. Here are three benefits to hot water heater tank replacement in Maple Heights that will make you thank your contractor for the work.

Safety: Any issue with the tank can mean an impending disaster. Leaking water is more than a nuisance. It can be dangerous, especially if it sits around long enough for mold to fester. Even mosquitoes and other insects will find such an environment a haven. If the water gets into the hardwood structure of the home, its foundation and structural integrity may be on the line. A sediment filled tank is a recipe for disaster. The heat and pressure might build up so much the tank will explode with the force of a bomb. This can actually completely level a home. Similarly, electrical connection problems and gas leaks are nothing to ignore.
Efficiency: A leak means you may be losing hundreds, or even thousands, of gallons of water a month. You won’t realize it, but the water company is tracking this as water used, so it will charge you for the wastage. Fuel connection problems can mean your leaking valuable gas. Electrical problems can be just as dangerous. Aside from sparks igniting fires, these can give you a higher energy bill for the power that’s going in but not contributing to hot water. With a new and improved tank, all these issues can be resolved and you’ll pay less on your monthly electric, water, and gas bills.
Peace of Mind: Say you see a small leak from you hot water heater tank. Will it get worse? Can you save by not doing anything yet? People procrastinate on this issue all the time. The issue, however, will not go away. Even if a leak is intermittent. The cracks may be small and opening wide enough only when the metal is heated up. Soon it will get worse. It is not rocket science, and any homeowner realizes that, plus a potential leak is of course going to be on your mind. Act quickly and replace the tank so you know things will work smoothly for a while.

Arco Comfort Air is here if you think hot water heater tank replacement in Maple Heights is the best way to go. A technician will check things out if you have a leak or suspect a sediment, corrosion, electrical, or gas problem. Best of all, the right solution will yield years of trouble free hot water with the efficient and reliable units of today.

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