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3 Reasons to Call for Water Heater Repair in Beachwood, OH Right Now

From washing dishes to showering, you use your hot water heater on a daily basis. You need to know that it’s capable of meeting all your hot water demands, and that means trusting water heater repair in Beachwood, OH to Arco Comfort Air. The key to never having to go without hot water is knowing when it’s time to call for professional repairs. Small issues will quickly turn into serious problems, but Arco Comfort Air will keep your water heater up and running. They recommend scheduling an appointment for water heater repair in Beachwood, OH as soon as you notice any of these three things.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Your water heater has only one job: to supply your household with consistent hot water. If the temperature of your water frequently fluctuates between being scalding hot and ice cold, it’s not doing its job. The ideal temperature for hot water is between 120 and 140 degrees. If you’re not getting that, it’s time call in the pros. If your water isn’t getting hot at all, your water heater’s heating element has most likely died. A technician from Arco Comfort Air will be able to replace the part quickly and affordably.

Loud Noises

Besides the sound of water flowing through the pipes and landing in the sink, you shouldn’t hear any noise when your hot water heater is activated. If you hear loud banks, crashes, creaks, or knocks, it’s time to call Arco Comfort Air before it’s too late. The issue is most likely being caused by built-up sediment within the tank. To solve the problem and save your water heater from an early death, a plumber will flush the system and check to see if any other damage was caused.

Rust-Colored Water

If your cold water comes out of the faucet looking clean and clear, but your hot water is brown and discolored, you know that the issue has to do with your water heater and not your pipes. Water heaters use anode rods that oxidize in place of the steel in the tank. Once that rod dissolves, your tank will begin to rust, and that rust will contaminate your water. If you act fast enough, you may be able to replace the anode rod without replacing the whole tank, but in many cases, the only solution is total tank replacement.

No one looks forward to the day that their water heater dies for good. The average water heater has a lifespan of 10-13 years, but you can buy yourself more time by investing in water heater repair in Beachwood, OH. If your water heater is showing signs of distress, call Arco Comfort Air today to enlist help from their experienced team of technicians.

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