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3 Troubleshooting Tips for Gas Water Heater Repair in Cleveland, OH

Water heater repair is an eventual reality for all homeowners. While the unit may be something you rarely think about when it’s working, once it’s broken it can become a homeowner’s worst nightmare. No hot water for showers, no hot water for cleaning and sometimes even a lack of heat in the home can leave even the most well-mannered homeowners reeling with rage. So when it does finally break, and before you hulk out, read our 3 troubleshooting tips for gas water heater repair in Cleveland, OH.

Always Check in on the Pilot (Light): When there’s an issue with your gas water heater, the first response should always be looking to see if the pilot light is still working. This will be found as a little blue flame on your water heating unit. If it’s not lit, the heaters not working. There are numerous reasons why the pilot light could go out, and not all require major repairs. When the hot water goes out, check the pilot light first.

Always Check for the Smell of Gas: If your hot water isn’t spitting freely, check for the smell of gas, and I don’t mean someone spilling at the gas station. If your gas water heater has excess gas built up and unable to escape, it may malfunction and could also potentially lead to a dangerous situation. Checking out for a smell of natural gas can be a life-saving troubleshooting measure if your gas water heater is on the fritz.

Look for Leaks: One of the most common causes of water heater malfunction is the notorious leak. Leaks can occur from a variety of causes, but mostly end up happening due to age and lack of regular maintenance. Check for leaks around your water heater once it stops working. These should be easy to find; there will be water on the ground, and/or the tank itself will be wet. If it’s leaking, call a professional and grab a towel. And call a friend to see if you can use their shower, it might be a a day or so until it’s in working condition again.

Eventually you’re going to run into issues with your water heater as a homeowner, but thankfully we’re here to help. When trouble arises and you need gas water heater repair in Cleveland, OH, Arco Comfort Air can be there to bring the heat back to the water you use.

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