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5.6 Million Dehumidifiers Recalled Due to Fire Risk

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced a huge recall of 5.6 million dehumidifier units from a wide variety of brand names manufactured in overseas factories. The two primary names involved are Gree® and Midea®, though the two collectively own dozens of different brand names in the heating and cooling industry, including several well-known monikers like GE, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Seabreeze, ComfortAire, Sylvania, and so much more.

The reason for the recall is because hundreds of different units from these manufacturers have actually caught fire, causing more than $20 million in damages across the country. In many cases the fires are the result of either faulty electrical components or bad motor assemblies, resulting in an excess of friction, too much heat, and the unit catching fire. The USCPSC is advising those who have these potentially at-risk units to reach out to their respective manufacturers and get the information they need about what they should do about their unit and how to go about receiving a refund.

The units affected were sold between the months of January 2005 and August 2013, meaning there are still millions of different units out there across the country and even around the world which could be impacted. If you suspect you may have an impacted unit, the USCPSC encourages you to visit a website that each manufacturer has set up so you can figure out if you are impacted and what to do if you are. All you’ll need is your model number on your unit, which is usually found a nameplate sticker located somewhere on the front, back, or side of the unit itself.

For Gree brand units call (866) 853-2802
For Midea retail brands call (800) 600-3055
Midea’s professional series brands, including those from GE, can call (877) 593-8721 or check their unit’s information against the database

Invest in a Quality Dehumidifier from Aprilaire

Here at Arco Comfort Air, we’re proud to offer dehumidifier units from Aprilaire®, an American company completely independent of these brands, and one not impacted by this recall. Aprilaire units are made right here in the United States, which means you don’t have to worry about suspect foreign assembly or component quality, and you’ll always have backing from a domestic manufacturer.

Aprilaire units are also known for their impeccable functionality as well. Using premium parts and materials, these systems are capable of offering you the same dehumidifying power while burning significantly less energy than the leading international competitor. Aprilaire even backs up their systems with a comprehensive five-year warranty, compared to a one-year limited warranty from other brands like LG or SoleusAir. That adds up to a savings of up to $189 per year on your energy bills!

If you have an impacted unit and you’re interested in replacing it with an American-made Aprilaire system, or you’re looking to add the power of a dehumidifier to your home’s air conditioning system, call Arco Comfort Air at (216) 230-5117 today!

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