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5 Tips on How to Improve Central Heating and Air Conditioning in Cleveland OH This Spring

Winter is coming to an end and it is prime season for checking up on your heating and air conditioning. The central HVAC system is one of your major investments. Up-front costs and the expenses of running it mean you can benefit from various improvements along the way.

Central heating and air conditioning in Cleveland is as efficient as how you use it. The system will not improve on its own. It all depends on the habits and diligence of its users. You can take a few steps this spring to improve your heating and cooling system and ensure it runs at peak efficiency.

Schedule regular maintenance. Contractors often provide annual or bi-annual check-ups before each heating or cooling season. Have your system checked this spring, before business picks up in the summer. You’ll be able to find problems sooner and it’s less likely to have a breakdown at the least convenient time. Plus, you can have filters, clogs, and other minor issues fixed without having to wait long for service.

  • Assess refrigerant charge. A heating and cooling system only works as well as the refrigerant circulating within it. This fluid is put in during installation. Sometimes there’s not enough or too much; in either case the system won’t work the way it should. Leaks can sometimes spring up too. A contractor has the tools to check the levels; add or subtract refrigerant; and find issues warranting other suggestions.
  • Check the coils. Whether the coils are inside or outside, they can get dirty or dusty. Dirt is the top reason efficiency goes down. If the coils can be reached easily then you can clean them yourself. A professional may be required depending on the system’s configuration.
  • Adjust thermostat settings. In the warm months, a thermostat setting of 78°F or higher is most efficient. Your energy consumption increases with each degree it’s set below that.
  • Prime your home. Not every step to improving your central heating and air conditioning in Cleveland directly involves the system itself. You should turn off fans in the kitchen or bathroom when it’s running, to avoid warmer air from being drawn in. East and west facing windows should be shaded. Your A/C will be more effective if cooking is put off until dark.

These tips help to improve the function and efficiency of central heating and air conditioning in Cleveland. There are many things that can be done on your own. It’s also best to schedule routine maintenance or have a professional make fixes and adjustments. Arco Comfort Air is available to service you so contact us today to schedule a visit this spring.

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