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7 Warning Signs You Need a New Furnace Installation This Fall

There are several ways to keep warm during the fall—breaking out the extra blankets, stocking up on hot chocolate, lighting up the fireplace, etc. But above all else, you are probably turning on your furnace to provide a steady flow of warm air for your family. However, if you feel like that same heating system is no longer working as well as it once did, you may want to consider furnace installation from Arco Comfort Air. Keeping that old, faulty furnace in your home may see you experience a number of troubles later on in the season including fire hazards, repeated calls for repair service, and at its worst, carbon monoxide emissions. And when you consider just how chilly the weather will become in the next few months, you certainly do not want to spend the season shaking and shivering in your own home.

If you want to avoid a season of discomfort and safety risks, you should call Arco Comfort Air right away. Our team of licensed, fully-trained furnace experts will provide you with high-quality installation that will equip your home with a new furnace as soon as possible. Even when you only pick up on the slightest traces of a problem, it is always worth making a phone call our way to determine if a new heating system is right for you. Our furnace experts will gladly work with you in determining the best way to meet your heating needs for the season.

The 7 Most Common Warning Signs You Need a New Furnace Installation

Some homeowners may be asking themselves, “How do I really know when the time is right for a new furnace anyway?” Well, luckily, it does not have to be a guessing game. Instead, there are several indicators you can spot around the house telling you the time for a new furnace is now. The next time you want to know if you really do need furnace installation, look for these 7 warning signs:

  1. Furnace Older than 15 Years: Though it is true that today’s furnaces are capable of delivering highly-efficient heating for a longer period of time, you may want to consider purchasing a new system once it ages past 15 years. Once furnaces age between 15 and 20 years, they run a higher risk of experiencing issues. Calling for furnace troubleshooting may help, but a better option will be replace it with a brand new system that will not breakdown unexpectedly. Plus, that old system will cost you more money on repair and maintenance service, so it is also better to replace it from a cost-efficiency standpoint.
  2. Furnace Frequently Turning On and Off: Getting stuck with a furnace repeatedly turning on and off can be downright annoying, especially the coldest days of the year when you are doing your best to stay warm. This problem may be due to a wide variety of reasons including problems with pilot lights, fan motors, and faulty wires. Regardless, these issues may be beyond the point of repair. Installing a furnace that can deliver more consistent heat will ensure you stay warm throughout the fall and winter.
  3. Increased Spending on Bills: Paying the bills is a normal part of being a homeowner, but you may notice that your energy costs are becoming inexplicably high. The problem may have something to do with your furnace, which will consume more energy than usual once it starts malfunctioning. Have a furnace expert from Arco Comfort Air provide you with an inspection if the furnace installation is the right move in this situation before you immediately throw money down on a new system.
  4. Condensation Leaks: Condensation leaks are common in high-efficiency gas furnaces due to clogs or breaks in the condenser line or floor drain. This is mainly because these furnaces use cool exhaust that will produce condensation. If the condensation leaks are proving significant enough, you may want to consider instead purchasing a standard efficiency furnace which does not use cool exhaust and will save you the mess of cleaning up a leak.
  5. Thermostat Issues: We have all found ourselves at some point during the fall or winter turning up the temperature on the thermostat on a particularly cold evening. However, the thermostat itself may suddenly refuse to cooperate with your heating needs. While this may indicate you have leaking ducts, it may also mean you need to replace your thermostat altogether. But before you throw it away, it is important to have a professional check it first to determine if the problem indeed lies with the thermostat or if it is a sign that you need a new furnace.
  6. The Pilot Light Turns Yellow: Aside from no heat during the cold weather, there is another consequence of not considering furnace installation with much more life-threatening implications—carbon monoxide, a deadly yet odorless gas that can go undetected in your home. Once a furnace malfunctions, the risk of carbon monoxide emissions increases, resulting higher risk of illness or even death. However, there is a way you can notice its presence, through your pilot light changing color. If the pilot light is yellow instead of its usual blue, it is a sign you have carbon monoxide and that you need to take action immediately. When your family’s safety is on the line, you need to do whatever it takes to keep them from danger, and furnace installation may be the perfect solution to your problem.
  7. Inconsistent Heating: A heating system’s zoning capabilities is what helps create a balanced flow of heat in your home. However, hot and cold spots may pop up in your home if your furnace begins to fail. One sign of inconsistent heating is ice on your roof, which indicates that heat from your furnace is exiting through the attic instead. Hot and cold spots will make a marked difference in the comfort of your home, so it may be better to replace the system entirely with a new unit boasting stronger zoning capabilities.

Contact Arco Comfort Air today for furnace installation that will improve home comfort and efficiency just in time before the weather cools down!

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