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AC Repair in Bay Village

It’s been a hot summer, and you’re probably pretty thankful to your AC for getting you through these sweltering Bay Village days. Unless, that is, your AC is in disrepair. Most homeowners don’t think about it very often, but your air conditioner is actually a pretty complicated appliance: it operates by having a condenser coil evaporated a specially designed chemical (Freon) which, upon transitioning between liquid and gas, absorbs heat and humidity from the air. No matter how durable your product is, there are a number of common things that can go wrong, and you might not necessarily know it. Maybe one of these issues has already happened to you, and your AC has been inconsistent or inoperable as a result. Maybe something might happen at the end of the summer, in which case, don’t wait for the next summer to roll around!

Here are some of the most common AC problems that the trusted Arco service professionals deal with regularly. If you experience any of these, you should call Arco to have a repair technician come now while it’s on your mind:

Low Refrigerant- Your AC contains a limited amount of that chemical we mentioned earlier. When it starts to run out, you’ll no longer reach the temperature lows that you set.

Frozen Coil– Dirty air can clog up a filter, and limited air flow could
allow your coil to freeze.

Improper Wiring– If your AC is inconsistent, it could be a wiring issue,
which could in turn be a fire hazard. Have someone check any faulty wiring
right away!

Outside Fan Broken– This piece is responsible for pushing hot air out of
your home and into the outside air. If this piece breaks, you won’t
be clearing the heat from your home.

Call Arco now to have a service technician come and fix your issue, no
matter what it is; our AC repair men are always friendly and reliable,
and they’re guaranteed to have you up and running in no time.

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