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AC Repair in Cleveland – Common Myths to be Aware of

If you’re wondering whether you need AC repair in Cleveland, then it’s helpful to be able to discern fact from fiction.

That’s why the team here at Arco Comfort Air has decided to debunk some common myths about air conditioning.

Myth #1:

Air conditioning works faster if you set the temperature extremely low. This isn’t true. Your appliance will distribute cold air at a consistent rate until the desired room temperature is reached. So if you’ve been trying to get your home to cool faster by setting your AC to a really low temperature, you won’t have had much success—but your AC is probably working just fine!

Myth #2:

An AC uses less energy when you leave it on all day instead of only turning it on when you come home. Again, this isn’t true. If you’re at work all day in the summer, the temperature in your home is bound to rise as the day progresses, then drop again as the evening nears. Leaving your AC on all day will just expend energy to cool your home when there’s nobody there. So if you’re wondering whether those high energy bills are because your AC’s not working properly, don’t worry—but do leave your AC off next time you leave the house!

Myth #3:

An AC uses the same amount of energy, no matter where you install it in the home. This isn’t true. If you install your appliance close to other appliances that emit heat such as a television or computer, the AC will detect the localized heat and cool unnecessarily. So if your AC seems to make your room colder than you like, don’t worry: you probably just have to install it in a different place!

If you still have questions about your AC, call Arco Comfort Air to schedule a service. One of our experienced technicians will assess your situation and advise you whether you need AC repair or replacement, as well as help you determine if you can use it in a more cost-effective manner. So why wait? Call Arco today!

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