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Air Conditioner Compressor Not Turning on in Olmstead Falls, OH

Many Possible Causes for Compressor Problems

When people realize they have a compressor problem, many of them immediately panic and fear the worst. However, just because your compressor isn’t turning on, that doesn’t immediately mean you need to buy a new system.

Sometimes, the cause is something as minor as a bad capacitor. There are several components in your air conditioner that use capacitors to provide them the added power they need to run. Your compressor is one of them. If the capacitor is bad, the compressor will not be able to start.

You may also have a defective overload, which protects the compressor from burning out due to drawing an excessive amount of current. If the overload burns out, the compressor will not function. The thermostat may also be bad.

As you can see, there are many possible causes for a compressor problem. Of course, if the compressor itself is bad, then you’re looking at a major expense. You’ll either need it repaired or replaced, or you’ll need a new system entirely. However, don’t press that panic button just yet.

Call Arco today so that we can quickly diagnose what is wrong with your compressor.

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