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Air Conditioner Not Working After Power Surge in Lyndhurst, OH

Units Need to be Inspected Thoroughly if Affected by a Power Surge

While working at his home one day a customer experienced a power surge in his home. After that occurred, his air conditioner did not work. He gave us a call and we sent a technician to his home who found that the outside unit had a burned out capacitor. Once the capacitor was replaced the system worked fine.

An air conditioner can be adversely affected by a power surge just like your computer or television. Unfortunately, you can’t just plug in a power strip to your cooling system and protect it. The customer mentioned above was lucky in that the repair was a minor one. Power surges can do a great deal of damage to an air conditioner, making your condenser, compressor or fan useless. Lightning strikes are particularly dangerous, whether they hit your home or anywhere else in the vicinity.

If you have any reason to believe that your air conditioner has been damaged due to a power surge, give us a call at Arco and we’ll have a qualified technician thoroughly inspect your system. There will be some instances where only a minor repair will be necessary, but in other cases you may find that you need a complete system replacement.

Call Arco today if you have recently had a power surge in your home and your air conditioner has been affected.

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