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Air Duct Cleaning in University Heights, OH

Duct Cleaning Ensures You and Your family Will be Breathing Cleaner Air
The vents and ductwork in your home are designed to assist in the flow
of air either keeps you hot or cool depending on the weather. These ducts,
however, can quickly fill will dust and other contaminants and get fairly
disgusting fairly fast. By having your ducts cleaned on a regular basis
by the professionals at Arco Comfort Air, you can be assured of breathing
cleaner air. Here is some information on the most common methods of duct
cleaning in University Heights, OH. To learn more or schedule an appointment,
call Arco Comfort Air.
Air sweep method in University Heights, OH
The air sweep method for duct cleaning in University Heights, OH involves
the use of a wand that moves air through the ductwork, which is then picked
up by a vacuum. The air sweep method is used to clean return lines, hot
air returns, cold air returns and main trunk lines. This method works
best in homes that have regular ductwork cleaning, since most of the dust
is not stuck to the ductwork’s walls, but is instead moving within
the ducts. Consider the air sweep method if you have had your ducts cleaned
in the last year. If you have not, then the rotobrush method mentioned
below will probably be better for you.
Rotobrush method in University Heights, OH
This entails the use of a brush spinning counter-clockwise inside the main
trunk line of your duct, and is a popular method of clearing ductwork
of contaminants. The method includes cleaning all of the supply and return
lines throughout the home, with a vacuum used to collect the dust that
the brush spins out. The cold air and hot air returns are then cleaned.
Most likely, your cold air returns will be dirtier because that is where
pet hair and dust tend to accumulate the most.
Call Arco Comfort Air for Duct Cleaning in University Heights, OH
There are a lot of people who will hesitate to get their ductwork cleaned
because they simply assume it will be too costly. However, at Arco Comfort
Air we deliver top-quality performance at a price that you can easily
afford. To learn more or to set up an appointment, call Arco Comfort Air
as soon as you can.

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