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An HVAC Technician Confesses 8 Insider Tricks

You may never have considered being interested in the secrets an HVAC technician has to share. But what if those tricks could save you some significant cash just this month? Arco Comfort Air wants to share with you what you can do to manage your home or office more efficiently, waste less energy, and save you money.

Arco: Where HVAC Technicians Are Ready

When you are in need of professional help with your heating or air conditioning needs, Arco is standing by. Our wide range of services make us qualified to handle any type of job you have – residential or commercial. If you’re throwing up your hands on dryer-vent cleaning, aren’t sure what to do about your air quality, or have a pipe that needs repair, ASAP, you can rely on our 24/7 in-house emergency department and upfront pricing. We’ll also train you on how to manage and use your home’s HVAC units properly once they’re installed, making sure you’re never out of the loop on your own home.

8 Insider Tips from an HVAC Technician

Insider information is fair game in this case, and Arco wants to let you in on some of the 4-1-1 so that you can capitalize. Our HVAC technicians are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field – and they want to share 8 insider tricks with you.

Energy Waste is Costing You

If you had to list the first 3 items that you think of when asked what uses the most energy, most people would probably say the appliances they see the most, like a refrigerator or a washing machine. However, your water heater, furnace, and air conditioner take the top 3 spots every time. Older models that haven’t been updated are probably bleeding out energy because of their inefficiencies. Checking the efficiency and effectiveness of these 3 purchases may sound like an expensive endeavor, but will save you big money in the long run.

Most People Are Clueless

Pop quiz: How much do you typically spent monthly for energy consumption? Don’t know? You’re not alone. As much as 47% of homeowners generally don’t know what they’re paying their energy companies each month. Changes in monthly bills need to be monitored so that you stay in-the-know on how your home or office is running. Fluctuations could mean you’re making up for a wicked hot summer, but they could also indicate how an appliance is running overtime to keep up. Staying informed allows you to change your behavior in response, by either calling for an HVAC technician to come and inspect, or by modifying how you’re using your appliances to conserve energy. Knowledge is power.

We Know You Changed The Thermostat

Ever sneak to the thermostat late at night to push it down a few degrees? Or up? Most people find that they have an optimal sleeping temperature, and a household full of people constantly changing the thermostat is bad news for your HVAC system. However, there’s an answer that will give everyone their own remote: a ductless multi-room system. This allows you to turn off, turn on, and control the temp on each room, so if no one’s in the guest bedrooms, you’re no longer paying to heat or cool them. No more sneaking around before you head to bed. Fancy.

10 Degrees is 14%

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy states that turning down your thermostat by 10 degrees while you’re out of the house can save you as much as 14% on your energy usage. 14%! New technology even allows you to control and change your settings remotely, giving you an all-access pass to controlling the cost of running your HVAC system. Some are even connected to smart phone apps or are programmable

Cold is Cooler

If you’re a hot-water shower lover, you may be pushing your energy usage up by 5% each month just by making your hot water heater deliver scalding-hot water for your private karaoke session. Replacing your hot water heater may also need to get on your to-do list behind voice lessons, as an older hot water heater could be straining to keep up, and costing you in the meantime. Until then, turning your shower temp down by just 10% can save you that 5%.

Investment Plans

Okay, we need to pause for a math lesson to get the full scope of how an energy efficient home can get you some serious cash savings in the long run. Transforming your home out of energy-wasting appliances and structures can save you as much as $75 a month. At $900 a year in savings, in 30 years you could be sitting on $27,000. Take that knowledge to the bank.

You Must Evolve

Your furnace should last for 20 years – for the upfront investment that can run, that’s a pretty good life expectancy. However, as your furnace ages it loses the power it had when it was first delivered, and may even be way behind the technology at 15 years. Upgrading your large appliances may actually be more beneficial, despite the costs, because it can save you so much in energy usage to operate on current technology. Our advancements today have come a long way in the last 20 years, and your dinosaur-aged furnace may need to evolve to keep up.

Vampires are Real

Some appliances suck energy even when they’re powered off – we call those “Power Vampires”. These are appliances that look harmless sitting on kitchen counters or plugged into power strips, but these tiny amounts of residual power they’re sucking add up in to a sizable amount – enough to power more than 7,000 homes a year! Upgrading your appliances and power strips will help, but the best thing to do to save in the short run is to unplug things when they’re not in use.

Call Arco today to schedule to have an HVAC technician give your home an inspection that can help you save money!

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