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Arco Comfort Air Completes Tune-Up Service in Westlake

Arco Comfort Air is your number-one choice for heating services in the Cleveland area, including complete system maintenance and tune-up services. When it comes to keeping your system running smoothly, maintenance is the best thing you can do. Not only can maintenance help you avoid a potentially serious breakdown, but it can even help you use less energy and stay warmer all winter long!

We were recently completed a full 28-point tune-up for one of our customers in the city of Westlake, Ohio. The customer has a Rheem 80% furnace installed in their home, along with an Aprilaire humidifier.  This combination helps counter the dry, low-humidity weather that often comes during the coldest months of winter and causes everything from nosebleeds to dry skin, cracked lips, and so much more. Because both of these systems are relied upon so heavily during winter months, having them properly maintained is an important part of homeownership.

During the tune-up service, our technician completed the following tasks:

  • Inspected the gas valve, lines, and connections for leaks
  • Inspected and cleaned the burners and the ignition system
  • Inspected the heat-exchanger
  • Inspected the visible duct work leading from the system
  • Inspected the vent pipe for signs of wear or dirt
  • Inspected and lubricated the indoor blower motor and wheel
  • Inspected the electrical and wiring & tightened any loose connections
  • Inspected the thermostat
  • Took system measurements to ensure the performance was within Rheem’s specifications
  • Inspected the air filter for condition
  • Presented all of the options and findings to the customer to give them a clearer picture of the health and longevity of their furnace

Most homeowners do not realize that dirt is the number one cause of equipment and furnace failure. Even a small amount of dirt getting into your system and getting stuck to things like your heat exchanger, ignition system, and more can cause all sorts of unintended consequences that cause your system to not work as efficiently, or even to stop working all together.

A regular tune-up keeps your heating equipment clean, and prevents these unnecessary breakdowns, which always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. When combined with the extra savings from using less energy to heat your home, that means maintenance could save you a substantial amount of money during every winter! Have your furnace checked and tuned-up annually by an HVAC licensed professional, and you too could enjoy these fantastic benefits.

Schedule yours by calling Arco Comfort Air at (216) 230-5117 today!

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