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Arco Comfort Air Performs AC System Tune-Ups with No Breakdown Guarantee

At Arco Comfort Air, we take pride in providing the best possible HVAC services to our clients in Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Our AC tune-up services allow customers to avoid expensive repairs and unnecessarily high energy bills. Recently, we were able to help one customer in Chagrin Falls enjoy a better functioning air conditioner with our routine maintenance services. This customer had not performed routine maintenance for quite some time, and the air conditioner was inefficient and not ready for summer weather.

We were able to perform our routine tune-up services, which involved:

  • Measuring refrigerant levels
  • Checking system airflow and operation
  • Inspecting components for wear and tear
  • Checking the system’s critical component measurements
  • Lubricating, calibrating, adjusting, and tightening necessary components

The Importance of Seasonal AC Tune-Up Services

Over time, your air conditioner can become corroded. It is important to have your system inspected and maintained each year in the spring to ensure it is ready to keep you cool all summer long. If you fail to maintain your air conditioner, it can lose up to 5% efficiency each year. Just like inadequate maintenance can lead to impaired safety, performance, and gas mileage on your car, inadequate maintenance for your air conditioner may lead to higher energy bills and poor indoor air quality.

With our tune-up services, you can enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • Extended lifespan of the system
  • Lower energy bills
  • Improved efficiency

Furthermore, with regular maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs in the future. Your system will run more smoothly, keeping you cool while using less energy. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as other financial benefits to your tune-up investment.

Our AC System Tune-Up Services Are Backed by a NO BREAKDOWN GUARANTEE

If your air conditioner breaks down within 1 year of our tune-up services, we will apply the cost of your tune-up toward the cost needed for repairs. Furthermore, we offer an AC replacement guarantee. This means, if you decide to replace your air conditioner within the next 12 months for any reason, we will apply triple the cost of your tune-up services toward the replacement cost. Want to get your air conditioner ready for summer? Contact Arco Comfort Air today at (216) 230-5117 to learn how our AC tune-up services can provide a solution!

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