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Ask a Cleveland Heating Contractor: Common Furnace Problems in Cleveland, OH

Furnace Problems Range From Mechanical to Faulty Thermostats

A customer called Arco Comfort Air because his furnace was not producing enough heat, and his thermostat wouldn’t rise above 73 degrees. This is a pretty typical problem we see in furnaces throughout the winter, and so you can try to avoid them if it happens to you, we’re here to give you a list of other common heating system troubles we come across.

Top Eight Most Common Furnace Problems and Their Causes

Noisy furnace: This could be caused by loose access panels, worn or damaged belts, blower
belts that were too loose or too tight, a motor that needs to be lubricated,
and/or dirty burners.

Furnace that won’t run: The furnace itself could have no power, the power switch could be off,
the motor could be overloaded, the pilot light might be out, or you could
be out of gas.

The blower won’t stop running: The blower control or limit switch could be set wrong, or you’ll
need to have a professional come and adjust the limit control.

Your home isn’t getting enough heat: This could be caused by a number of things – the thermostat is
set too low, the filter is dirty, the blower is clogged, the heat registers are closed or blocked, the blower belt is loose or broken, or the burner could be dirty.

Speaking of thermostat, that could be the problem: The batteries could be low and need replacing, it could be the power supply to the furnace, or the thermostat itself might be broken. If that’s
the case, you will need a thermostat replacement.

Furnace is cycling on and off: You may have a dirty filter or a motor that needs lubrication.

Pilot won’t light at all: The opening to the pilot could be blocked, or you could have no gas.

The pilot light won’t stay lit: You could have a loose or faulty thermocouple, the pilot flame is set
too low, or you could have a faulty electric pilot.

No matter what furnace problem you are experiencing, trust that Arco Comfort
Air can help. Call us today!

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