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Ask a Madison HVAC Contractor: Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

To Clean or Not to Clean? Read to Find Out What’s Best for You

Before all the heaters start kicking into full gear, customers across the board seem to want their air ducts cleaned. While it seems no one can agree on whether or not regular air duct cleaning is necessary, it is
recommended to have it done in special circumstances.

Such situations include:

A lot of visible mold growing within the heating ducts or on other parts
of your HVAC system
Pests – mice, rats, or insects – infesting portions of the
duct system
Excessive amounts of dust or debris that are clogging the duct system and
releasing that debris into your home through the vent registers when the
system is operating

There are some other factors to consider when deciding whether or not to have your ducts cleaned. If you have smokers in the household, pets that shed a lot of dander, water contamination or damage to the home or HVAC system, or just remodeled there’s probably a lot that needs to be cleaned out. Residents with allergies or asthma would probably benefit from a reduction in the number of pollutants in your HVAC system also. If you decide you would like to have your air ducts cleaned, or would just
like some more information, call Arco today!

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