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Ask Your Cleveland Heating Experts: Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Diagnose the Problem and Get it Repaired Quickly to Avoid Being Cold this Winter
A customer called because his furnace was not producing heat due to what
he believed to be a faulty ignitor. Having an ignition control problem
is just one of the things that can cause your furnace to stop working,
leaving you with a cold home. And with winter coming up, that’s
not something you want to have happen.
So, in order to diagnose the problem and have it fixed before the cold
steps in, be aware of these common furnace problems:

Lack of maintenance: It is suggested you get a tune up on your furnace
at least once a year. This will prevent issues – like leaks –
from occurring.
Pilot problems: If your pilot is out, you can try to relight it. If it
won’t stay lit, and you notice your home not staying warm, then
you’ll need to have the pilot and/or furnace repaired.
Air flow problems: Having an air flow problem causes the system to overheat
and overwork itself.
Thermostat malfunctions: If the unit doesn’t know what temperature
to heat the home to, it’s probably going to either heat the home
too much or not at all. Both result in comfort issues for you and your family.

For any furnace repair needs, or to schedule your annual tune up, give
Arco a call today!

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