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Beat The Mold With a Whole House Dehumidifier

When it comes to controlling the climate inside of your home, the problems seem to be endless, and it can be maddening to try to stay one step ahead.

We humans are, in all reality, delicate creatures that both want andneed specific living environments. But even after coming to terms with that fact, it doesn’t get any easier dealing with seemingly countless issues when controlling your indoor climate.

With every common problem, however, there comes a common solution.

Today, we want to talk about the benefits of installing a whole house dehumidifier. This can be a part of the solution to all kinds of indoor issues like mold, musty odors, uncommon smells, condensation on water pipes, wet stains on walls or ceilings, sticky or “sweaty” floors, and more!

The problem with controlling indoor humidity arises partly because of conflicting interests: in the winter, sealing up every crack and cranny is a great idea. The point is to contain every last bit of heat possible and not waste any of it on the outdoors. Alternatively, in the summer time, not having enough ventilation or air circulation inside can lead to a rise in humidity levels.

We mentioned some of the problems high humidity can cause above, but it can also negatively affect your family. Many of us have sensitive skin or allergies that do not mix well with high humidity, and if you or a loved one is having a hard time sleeping due to clammy skin or stuffy air, then you probably need a whole home dehumidifier.

Such devices are actually pretty convenient to have in the home. You may be worried about space and costly installations, but the truth is that having a whole house dehumidifier (vs. having a portable one) will actually save you more money in the long run.

Whole house units are more efficient, whereas portable units use more energy and have a shorter useful lifespan.

As far as space is concerned, whole home dehumidifiers take up far less room than a portable alternative and are actually installed onto your HVAC unit, making them take up virtually no additional space at all.

You may now be catching on to one of the largest benefits of a whole house dehumidifier: it affects your whole house at once.

The unit is attached to your existing HVAC system and filters the air pushed out to remove moisture. The dryer air is then pushed through your duct system, the same as it would without a dehumidifier, and is distributed throughout your home.

This is not to say that portable dehumidifiers are not useful – they are just better suited to small jobs within the home. If you have a single room that you want to keep dry, then installing a whole house dehumidifier may be a bit overkill.

We just want it to be understood that while buying a portable unit is cheaper initially, they do have shorter lifespans, and you’ll eventually need to repurchase if you are in real need of keeping your indoor climate dry.

If you are interested in learning more about dehumidifiers and what options will be best, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line! Arco Comfort Air has a capable staff of technicians and service people ready to help make you comfortable in your own home.

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