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Carrier Dealer in Moreland Hills, OH

As a Carrier dealer in Moreland Hills, OH, Arco Air Comfort continually trains its technicians on the latest in technological advances. Carrier’s Infinity gas furnace features Greenspeed Intelligence – one of the most sophisticated home comfort solutions on the market.

Lowering Energy Costs in Moreland Hills, OH

The Infinity not only provides customers with constant comfort, but extreme intelligence as well. It has a comfort control system that takes into consideration your home’s energy use, your preferred temperature settings, and the outside temperature to adjust automatically to your home’s heating needs.

As a result, the Infinity uses far less energy than other models in existence, and eliminates the occurrence of annoying temperature swings. If the weather outside changes hour by hour, your system changes with it thanks to the constant stream of information it receives and processes. This allows the Infinity to make the subtle adjustments necessary to make sure you remain comfortable without throwing money out of the window in energy costs.

Sound Reduction in Moreland Hills, OH

The intelligence built into the Infinity allows it to not only operate at lower, steadier capacities but extremely quietly as well. You will receive warm, refreshing airflow throughout the house, and it will be so quiet you won’t even know it is in operation.

Other Carrier Infinity Greenspeed Benefits in Moreland Hills, OH

Other benefits provided by Infinity furnaces equipped with the Greenspeed Intelligence System include:

  • Heating efficiency up to 98.5 percent AFUE (Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency), meaning that for every dollar you spend on heating costs, 98.5 cents go directly toward heating your home. The Infinity has the highest AFUE of any other gas furnace on the market.
    Technology that can lower your home’s humidity by nearly 10 percent.
    A lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty.

Carrier Infinity Furnaces in Moreland Hills, OH 

Arco Comfort Air technicians are experts in the installation and maintenance of Carrier’s extremely advanced Infinity gas furnace with Greenspeed Intelligence. We can come to your home and quickly install this system, which is reliable enough to provide you with years of worry-free performance.

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