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Do I Need A New Hot Water Tank?

Hot water tanks are actually pretty easy to work on, and with some basic understanding of how to troubleshoot the possible problems – you might be able to make your own repairs without having to hire a professional.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Hot Water Tank

Although, If you want to diagnose whatever problem you are having on your own, you’ll have to understand the difference between issues that can be fixed – and issues that will require you to replace the unit altogether.

We thought it would be helpful to discuss some of the most common problems we see with hot water tanks, as well as give you advice on how to resolve them on your own. Obviously, if you don’t feel comfortable making your own repairs, it is wiser to call a technician.

Trained professionals are always going to be better equipped than the amateur handyman. But making your own repairs can be a great way to save a few bucks, so we think it’s something that everyone should consider!

If you’re simply not getting enough hot water, the problem could be that you just need to turn up the thermostat. The same goes if the water is too hot. Adjust your unit’s thermostat to fall within the 120 to 140-degree range, and you should be at ideal temperature.

If you aren’t getting any hot water at all, you most likely have a busted heating element. If you have a hot water tank that is powered by natural gas, the corresponding part will be called the gas thermocouple. These parts are easy to replace, and you should be able to take care of it on your own simply by watching any how-to video!

You might not be having an issue with the water temperature at all, rather your unit us just making a lot of noise.

A common problem for hot water tanks is sediment building up on the insides. Chunks of it will come into contact with the heating element and can be quite noisy as they are being burned up by the element. Flushing your tank should take care of that issue.

If you end up flushing your tank and getting rid of all the sediment but find that you are still hearing noises, you’ll probably want to just replace the heating element, which, again, is pretty simple to do.

If your tank has been put through a lot of use or is passed its warranty date, you can still try to make these simple repairs, but if you notice that the problem reoccurs, it’s probably time to accept that you need a replacement. These machines aren’t meant to last forever, and you’ll save time and stress by getting a new unit.

Be aware that a leaking hot water tank requires an immediate call to a professional. There is not really a quick and simple fix for such an issue, and you’ll want to get the problem taken care of before you experience any flooding or additional damage to your home.

If you’d like to learn more about hot water tanks, or find yourself in need of a replacement, look no further! Arco Comfort Air is happy to accommodate you, and we have well-trained technicians that want to get the job done as efficiently as possible while also providing you with top-notch quality service. Give us a call today, and get comfortable in your own home!

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