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Do You Have the Right AC Unit for Your Home?

Whether you’re apartment hunting, remodeling, or just trying to figure out how to keep cool this summer, you’re going to want to make sure you make the right decision when it comes to buying an AC unit. Many people are ignorant to the fact that different types of air conditioners provide vastly different outcomes and are often shocked after purchasing to find that their electric bill is ridiculous or that only one room is in the house is an iceberg and the rest are saunas. This is why It is extremely important to know exactly what you’re getting before you decide on an AC system.

How Can Arco Comfort Air Help Me Decide on an AC Unit?

Arco Comfort Air provides all kinds of AC units so that you can stay cool and comfortable during the warm season. With experience throughout our shop, our HVAC technicians are more than happy to help you solve your cooling problems. Each one of our employees is well-trained and well-equipped to handle all kinds of homes, so don’t hesitate to call us if you find problems with your AC unit. With immediate and high-quality service, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your AC system will be taken care of.

Questions to Ask Yourself

To decide what AC unit is best for you, it is important that you first properly assess your household or business’ needs. Before settling on an AC unit, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • How many rooms do you need to ventilate?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is energy efficiency a priority for you?
  • Do you have windows in your space? Are you willing to sacrifice one?
  • How often do you intend to use your AC unit?
  • What are your location’s overall climate and typical weather like?

Now that you have the answers to those questions in mind, it should be easier to differentiate which type of air conditioner would be suitable for your needs. The most common air conditioner types are Room air conditioners, Central air conditioners, Ductless mini-split systems, Evaporative Coolers, and New Technology options.

Portable/Room Air Conditioners

This type of air conditioner is one of the more cost-efficient options in terms of purchase, but the cost of use often tends to out way the savings. Room air conditioners work by bringing in air from the outside, transforming it, and using it to cool the inside. These are typically installed in a window, on a ceiling, or mounted directly on the wall as they have to have access to the outside air in order to function. As referenced in the name of the unit, these types of air conditioners function best if only relied upon to cool one room.

Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners paired with heat pumps are the type that is most commonly found and used to cool and heat entire homes. These systems typically have a large outdoor compressor and indoor refrigerant coils. The refrigerant coils work to remove heat and cool air while the outdoor compressor is responsible for distributing the refrigerant. The heating process is quite similar. People that greatly benefit from these types of conditioners often live in extremely hot and humid climates. People with dust allergies also from central air conditioners because the unit also acts as an air filtration system, replacing old air, with new air. Another great perk of this type of unit is that it is on the quieter side!

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

While these systems are more commonly used outside of the United States, they are quickly gaining popularity here. Similar to a central AC unit, ductless mini-split air conditioners have both an outdoor compressor and indoor system and function similarly, but they are typically smaller in size and often work best to cool individual rooms, much like Room Air conditioners. Allergy sufferers also benefit from this type of system because dust that often comes with the lack of maintenance of air ducts is eliminated.

Evaporative Coolers & New AC Unit Technology

Commonly known as Swamp Coolers, Evaporative Coolers work by transforming fresh air using moisture and are capable of circulating cool air throughout an entire home. While these systems are extremely cost and energy efficient, they aren’t great for humid climates because moisture is used in the cooling process. But in areas that are dryer, the are able to cool an entire home by up to 30 degrees! Other air conditioning options that are up and coming include systems like the Night Breeze that uses an impressive combination of Thermal Energy Storage, an air conditioner, a water heater, and a whole-house fan to cool an entire home. This unit functions by storing energy overnight in ice in the Thermal Energy Storage and is best for climates with hotter weather.

So whether you’re re-evaluating your current AC system or buying a new home and deciding what type of unit to use, it’s important to explore your options and pick what’s best for you. Don’t be afraid to talk to a professional and call Arco Comfort Air, today!

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