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Ductless Mini Split Pros & Cons

To make a better decision, weigh the ductless mini split pros & cons.

Pros of ductless mini splits:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Cheaper to install if you’re without ductwork
  • Better air quality
  • Cons of ductless mini splits:
  • With ductwork, they’re more expensive to install
  • More noticeable than air vents
  • You might need more than one

If you have a garage, workshop or added onto your house a bonus room then you know only too well how uneven temperatures can be in these spaces compared to the rest of the house. But installing (or expanding) a ducted system to these adjunct spaces can be expensive, difficult or altogether impossible. Like many people you probably tried to combat searing summer heat with a window air conditioner or shivering winter cold with a space heater, neither of which is an efficient or cost-effective solution. That’s why you need a mini-split ductless installation. Ductless mini-split systems much like the centralized heating and cooling systems have an indoor air-handling unit and an outdoor condenser. The condenser, via line sets, powers the indoor air handlers and chills the refrigerant. These conduits can be wall-mounted or suspended to the ceiling.

More Pros of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

The ductless installation technology has been used for home cooling and heating in Europe, China, and Japan for decades. This mini-split system is now becoming a popular alternative to duct-work in the United States because of several advantages it offers:

Ductless installation is the best heating and cooling solution to rooms that are beyond the purview of your home’s ducted central air. The upfront costs of a ductless system is typically more than other portable air conditioning units and space heaters. But it offers superior cooling and heating strength, better capacity to control ambient temperature and helps maintain finer indoor air quality. It is also a more energy-efficient purchase than most other alternatives and therefore lowers your energy consumption costs.

It is easier to install compared to other alternatives as the system only requires a single 3-inch hole in the wall to run the conduit. Varying lengths of conduits are available according to customer needs.
Since they’re fixed with only a single hole in the wall, split systems offer enhanced safety to homes compared to window-mounted units.

Ductless installations help avoid energy loss associated with ducted systems. Duct losses could account for more than 30% of energy consumption especially when duct is placed in adjunct spaces such as a workshop or a garage.

Ductless installation is easier to maintain than a ducted system. Dust, dirt, pollen and other contaminants often settle in air ducts and thus ducted units require regular cleaning to avoid compromising interior air quality.

The indoor air-handling units of a ductless system are sleek, silent and distribute the air evenly throughout the space. They can be suspended from the ceiling or hung on a wall.
The air direction, speed, and temperature can be controlled using a remote control for added convenience.

The outdoor condenser also runs silently, so you can have it placed right outside the room or up to 50 feet away from the internal unit. Ductless installation technology gives us the ability to connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit and therefore can be tailored to the needs of individual zones in the house. For example, the kids can have their bedroom at one temperature while the air-handling unit in the garage can be a few degrees cooler. Similarly, you can turn on the unit in the room you occupy without having to turn on the air conditioning in other rooms.

We Are the Ductless Mini-Split System Experts in Your Area

If you’re looking to use that bonus room year-round, save money on installation or reduce energy consumption costs contact Arco today. We offer free in-home evaluation and based on the free evaluation offer solutions that fit your needs. There may be other agencies out there but we make sure you get the product and the service that will keep you happy for many years to come. We have the training, track record and expertise to do a quick and quality installation that will have you enjoying the benefits in no time. We are the official Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers in your area and can handle all repair, maintenance, service requests. We install EnergyStar rated systems that reduce your energy bill and limit environmental impact. If you’re interested in saving money while having the best selection in mini-split ductless systems, contact Arco Comfort Air today.

You deserve to be comfortable in your own home. You should be able to relax without having to deal with noisy, unsafe and inefficient window units and space heaters. Air conditioning and heating equipment in the room should be usable year-round.

For a ductless installation that’s low-cost, environmentally responsible and high quality – call Arco Comfort Air today!

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