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Furnace Filter Replacement in Cleveland

As the temperatures drop and you turn up the heat, don’t get cooked by a filthy filter in your furnace. Winter is the season that pushes your HVAC system to the limits and creates the most airflow.
It’s important to change your furnace filters regularly. It will keep the air in your home clean and safe. Most filters need to be changed every three months; it all depends on what kind of filters you use and
how often you run the heating system. Regardless of the usage, you should check your filters once a month just to be sure of their condition.

Factors to Consider

Do you have pets?
Are you a smoker?
Type of filters used?
Children or Adults with Asthma?

You may ask, what’s the big deal with changing my filters so often?

Well, that small thin piece is the only thing between you and toxic air. It’s a very important factor in maintaining good air quality and the operation of the furnace. As the filter begins to accumulate airborne
debris, your blower has to work harder to force air through this clog. This means an increase in your energy bills, a longer wait time to feel the heat, and a potentially blown motor.
The best way to know if your filter needs replacing is to check it on a regular basis. Every furnace is different with many factors that affect the filter’s lifespan. Once you get an idea how long it lasts between
changing, you’ll be able to follow a routine maintenance schedule. For more information regarding filters and furnaces, contact the skilled professionals at Arco Comfort Air. We can go through the filter installation process and recommend the filters you should be using. Stay warm this
winter knowing your family is breathing in clean air and your furnace is running efficiently. Contact us today!

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