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Furnace Flame Sensor Replacement in Maple Heights

Your home’s furnace is a complicated beast. Many devices control and maintain a steady gas flow and the means to ignite a flame. As simple as turning up the thermostat on a cold Ohio night, the individual parts
that control and maintain your heat sometimes need to be replaced. Your flame sensor is the part that ceases the spark in the igniter once a flame is established and the gas line is lit. Once that process is completed, the flame sensor sends a signal to the control box ending the electrical charge. Once the flame is lit, with a malfunctioning sensor, the flame will go out soon after. This will prevent the gas line from staying lit and thus, no heat.

Reasons Flame Sensors Go Bad

Cracked ceramic casing
Dirty, covered in soot or deposits
Poor electrical connection
Melted sensor from contact to flame
Poor original installation

Only a certified HVAC professional can truly tell you for sure and then properly install a new sensor. At Arco Air, our trained technicians are a phone call away, be it on a sunny afternoon or in the middle of a snowstorm at 3 am. Our mission is to make you comfortable. We can assure you’ll be comfortable by properly diagnosing the issue. At Arco Air, we also can set up a preventative maintenance schedule on
your furnace so you don’t risk losing heat due to a malfunctioning part, like the flame sensor. By checking small parts like the igniter and sensor, we can stop the issue before it even begins. Things do happen, however, and if your sensor does stop working, don’t take any chances with the comfort and safety of your family.

Call Arco Air immediately if you should lose heat from your furnace. Our expert
technicians are here to help and replace the issue immediately and correctly.

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