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Furnace Igniter Replacement in Euclid

Wondering why you’re not getting warmth from your furnace on a cold winter day? You and your family can see each other’s breath and you dread…simply dread what it will cost you to replace your furnace.
In this moment of panic, relax…the issue could simply be that you need a new furnace igniter.

What is a furnace igniter exactly?

The purpose of the igniter, on your furnace, is to automatically light the gas for the pilot light or main

There are two ways this is accomplished:
Spark Ignition in Euclid
The igniter is a small metal nub surrounded by a ceramic insulator. A spark is caused when the igniter receives an electrical jolt and a flame ignites the gas. The electrical circuit is ceased as the furnace is now lit.

Hot Surface Ignition in Euclid
This is more common on newer high-efficiency furnaces. This method usesa ceramic igniter and the furnace control supplies power to the igniter causing it to heat up. Once the igniter is glowing brightly with heat, the gas is turned on. After the flame sensor senses heat, the furnace
control turns the power off to the igniter.

When this igniter goes bad, whether it’s a spark or hot surface ignition, the gas line no longer receives fuel and thus you feel no heat. Diagnosing these issues will save you money and time.

Igniter Issues in Euclid

Cracked ceramic insulator
Buildup of deposits on igniter
Cracked igniter
Bad wiring

At Arco Comfort Air, we understand your frustration with your furnace and are here to help. Be it a scheduled appointment or an emergency call late at night, we have trained technicians that will arrive promptly on the scene and quickly repair and replace any poor performing or broken furnace
igniters. Instead of stressing about how you are going to replace the unit on your own, trust the experts to do the job correctly and affordably.

Don’t wait until you can see your breath inside your home, contact Arco Air immediately for igniter issues, and anything else affecting your comfort. We are here to help.

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