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Furnace Inspection in Cleveland, OH

What Time is it? Tune-Up Time!
Tune up time? What?
You were thinking more along the lines of football time, Halloween time,
and winter time weren’t you? Well, they all sort of fall hand in hand.
With football and Halloween comes the beginning of winter. And with winter
comes the cold. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping it and surely
you will do anything to keep you and your family warm. That’s where
a furnace tune-up comes in.
Manufacturers suggest that you get a yearly maintenance check on your furnace
because it keeps it working for longer – just like getting an oil
change every so many miles keeps your car going strong.
Without one, your furnace is going to end up costing you more money than
it should, while at the same time potentially causing a safety hazard
in your home. Failing to have maintenance performed can lead to minor
problems becoming serious, thus leading to you dishing out lots of money
in repairs. And if that serious problem is faulty wiring then you could
have a fire on your hands.
You don’t want to take that chance. When you call Arco to perform
your tune-up, here’s some of what you can expect:

Adjust and clean blower components
Inspect flue for obstructions
Calibrate thermostat
Test manifold gas pressure and combustion air openings, if necessary
Inspect the heat exchangers

Keep your furnace going strong – call Arco Comfort Air today for
your checkup!

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