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Furnace Maintenance Tech Talk with Brian Friedman – Part 1

Q: Do I really need routine annual maintenance on my home heating system?
A: Yes, absolutely. Here are eight reasons why maintaining your HVAC system
is important:

Many heating and cooling system problems can
double your cost of operation without a noticeable reduction in your comfort

A dirty indoor evaporator coil will not only restrict airflow, the dirt
on the coil also restricts heat transfer. It also causes loss of cooling
capacity. The result of this lost capacity means that your unit most run
longer to cool your house and can
increase your operating costs by as much as 45%

Equipment Manufacturers require annual maintenance to validate your warranty.

Approximately 80% off all compressor failures could have been avoided with proper planned maintenance

Reduced airflow due to plugged filters and dirty fans will reduce your heating and cooling system performance and reduce efficiency

Carbon monoxide (CO) sends over 20,000 people to the emergency room every
year in the United States and over 400 deaths are reported

A dirty outdoor condenser coil will increase the amount of work the compressor
must do. This additional work increases your electric bill due to the higher amperage draw of your compressor. This higher amp draw also reduces compressor life.

A 10% undercharge in refrigerant can cause a
20% increase in operating costs.

Q: How often do I need my furnace tuned up?
A: Ideally, your HVAC system should be serviced twice a year. Most of our
customers have a furnace and an air conditioner so in order to keep your
whole HVAC system running efficiently, you’ll need a dedicated service
call for each unit annually. At Arco, one service call consists of both
a thorough safety inspection and a precision tune-up.

Q: What if either my furnace or air conditioner is brand new? Do I still
need an Arco technician to take a look at it?
A: Yes. We compare this situation to driving a new car off the lot without
having a professional check the brakes, check the oil or make sure the
tires have enough air. The same goes for a brand new piece of HVAC equipment.
To keep it operating at peak efficiency, you definitely want to make sure that you are maintaining it right out the box. It’s a must to promote high performance and prevent a system breakdown.

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