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Heat Pump Freezing Up in Cleveland, OH

Replacement Can Give You Relief Knowing You Now Have a Reliable System

The manager of an apartment complex called us to report a tenant’s heat pump was not working correctly because it kept freezing up. A heat pump can freeze for several reasons in hot weather. Certain vents may be blocked, creating poor airflow. When this happens, the coil will freeze due to a backup of cold air.

The coil will also freeze if the filter is clogged and the system can’t pull in warm air. If the refrigerant level is too low and not enough air moves through the vents, the coil could once again freeze up. In this particular case, once we added the refrigerant, the unit worked as normal.

In other cases, adding refrigerant won’t be enough to solve the problem. Sometimes things just happen – things that can’t be fixed. But don’t worry. While you may think that investing in a whole new heat pump would be a hassle, there are some benefits that make replacing it well worth your time and money.

The one you have now is probably not working to its utmost capacity. A new one would provide up to four times the amount of energy they consume.
You can always feel relief knowing your replacement heat pump will work reliably.
If it wasn’t already, you can get a heat pump that acts as a central air conditioning unit and a heating system.

Those are just some of the benefits installing and replacing your heat pump can give you and your family. Think it’s right for you? Call Arco today!

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