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Heating and Cooling System Sizing in Hudson, OH

You Need an HVAC System That’s Just the Right Size for You

This customer’s furnace and air conditioner were both 21 years old and needed to be replaced. He called us to his home to make sure that his new heating and cooling system was exactly the right size for his needs.
Whether you are getting a heating system, a cooling system or both, if it is too small it will have to work too hard to keep your home comfortable. This will, of course, make your energy bills much higher than they should be, and will also shorten the lifespan of the system. The harder it has to work, the higher the chances that a breakdown will occur, leading to costly repairs.

However, purchasing a system that is too large presents problems as well. It can result in “short cycling,” where your furnace and air conditioner turn on and off too often. This can increase wear and tear,
and may result in some of your rooms being much cooler or warmer than others. If the unit doesn’t stay on long enough, it won’t be able to push air throughout your entire home. An over-sized system
will not do a proper job of taking humidity out of your indoor air.

Call Arco today and we’ll make sure your HVAC equipment is properly sized.

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