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How to Choose an A/C Contractor in Cleveland

Keep the Following Tips in Mind When Choosing Your HVAC Contractor
Like it or not, the hazy heat and humidity of summer is fast approaching.
So now is the perfect time to prepare for that hot weather by having your
air conditioning system professionally serviced. But how do you know which
HVAC service company to choose?

There are a lot of disreputable outfits on the internet these days eager
to charge you for shoddy or incomplete work. Believe it not, some have
been caught removing important components or allowing coolant to leak
out, so the air conditioner appears to be in disrepair when in truth it
is not. And that’s when they make their “catch,” unjustly convincing consumers to pay for needless repairs or replacements. Another warning sign you’ve hired a less than an honest company is when
repair estimates are quickly given without the technician taking into
consideration the size of your home or its current air conditioning system.
In order to avoid being scammed this air conditioning season, we strongly
recommend keeping the following things in mind before making a hire:

If you receive an offer that seems too good to be true, then it warrants
further investigation. Advertisements offering unbelievable bargains or
“free” services are a sure sign to take caution. Before hiring a service, check to see if your air conditioning system is currently under manufacturers’ warranty. Some scammers will attempt
to take advantage by charging you for replacement parts that are still covered.
Know your air conditioning system’s maintenance history. Having the
facts on past repairs and replacements can give you the upper hand when
dealing with a scammer.

Be skeptical of companies offering free estimates without first inspecting
your system. It is not possible to provide a professional work estimate
without examining your home’s entire system in person. Never accept a verbal estimate. Always request one in writing. Are their company vehicles properly logoed and employees professionally
uniformed? Make sure the cleaning company is reputably recognized.
Does the company have a specialized website? In today’s tech-savvy world, any respectable business should bear a quality website.

Is the company’s address legitimate? Check out
Google Earth to confirm a company’s site is an established location and not just
a vacant lot.

Although these tips are valuable when hiring any type of company of the
internet, you could save yourself a lot of work this coming air conditioning
season by simply giving us a call first. At Arco Comfort Air, we are committed
to our role as one of the “good guys” and we know you will
be more than satisfied with our work.

Now that you have the facts, don’t hesitate, call Arco Comfort Air today!

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