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Need Duct Cleaning in Cleveland, OH?

What is duct cleaning?

What exactly goes on during the duct cleaning process?
Which conditions constitute a homeowner to consider hiring a professional
for duct cleaning?

If you are unable to answer these questions, then look no further than Arco Comfort. We’re here to give you all of the information you need about duct cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions about Duct Cleaning
How do I know if my ducts need to be cleaning?
It’s no surprise that every home is different, but more often than
not, the experts at Arco Comfort will tell you that you do need to have your ducts cleaned.
Here’s precisely why: There are thousands of contaminants that can make their way into your ducts and clog them up. These contaminants include (but are not limited to) dirt, debris, mold, pollen, and other bacteria.
If these contaminants are stuck within your ducts, there is a good chance that they are also roaming the air in your home, as well. Who wants their family to be exposed to all of those contaminants? A duct cleaning, courtesy of Arco Comfort, can solve this problem!

What is the duct cleaning process like?
Not every company will do their duct cleaning the same. What we can do, though, is lay out a few details of what a duct cleaning will consist of when you choose Arco Comfort:

We will remove and clean all of the duct registers.
Our technicians will thoroughly clean the supply vents.
Dirt and debris will be brushed, collected, and swept up by our special
vacuum system.

We will make sure that our technicians cover every area of your duct. They will work back through the system, overlapping most of the ductwork. The air handler fan will be turned on, and an antimicrobial treatment will be put into the cold air return. The fan will then circulate the treatment
deep into the system.

Will anything really be different in my home if I have my ducts cleaned?

Absolutely! There are three main benefits that come with duct cleaning:
reduced allergies, improved efficiency of your HVAC system, and overall
improved air quality.

Having clean ducts will stop all of that extra dirt and debris from getting into your home. This will also ease the symptoms of that come with allergies. Additionally, your heating and cooling systems will not have to work as hard if there isn’t as much dust in the air. Lastly, because of the cleaner air that will now be circulating throughout your home, you and your family can much better healthier and comfortable living conditions.

If you are interested in having your ducts cleaned or simply want to learn
more about the duct cleaning process, call Arco Comfort today!

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