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Portable Dehumidifier Not Working in Aurora, OH

Prevents Mildew Growth and Wallpaper Peeling

As the name implies, a dehumidifier takes moisture from the air and helps protect a home from damage due to humidity. It helps to prevent mildew from forming, keeps wallpaper and paint from peeling, and keeps tools from rusting.

If yours isn’t working, it may simply be unplugged, or it may have tripped a circuit breaker or blown a fuse. It may have also formed frost on the coils because the air temperature was too cold, or because the coils are dirty. If a coil is covered with dust or other debris, air will not be able to flow correctly and the system will not work. A slow fan could also result in the coils forming frost.

If the dehumidifier doesn’t seem to be removing enough moisture, again, the coils may have become dirty and need to be cleaned. If a unit is placed too close to a wall, proper flow of air could be blocked to the point that the system shuts down. Or, you could have a bad compressor due to a defective float switch or a bad start relay. If the unit clicks but doesn’t start, a bad relay is probably the cause. This is a minor repair that can be performed quickly by a professional.

Call Arco today if you ever have problems with your dehumidifier.

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