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Product Point: Lennox

Lennox heat pumps are a versatile and highly energy efficient type of HVAC system that operates via “energy transfer.” In the summer months, this process extracts warm indoor air and transfers it outside, effectively decreasing your home’s temperature and in the winter, a simple component valve adjustment reverses the transfer’s direction, absorbing warm air from atmospheric air or a ground source and moving it inside until your home is adequately heated.

At Arco Comfort Air we have found that especially in moderate climates, Lennox heat pumps stand alone amongst competitors in terms of reliable engineering, industry leading technology and an overall superiority of quality. Their multitalented heat pumps are a powerful and cost effective solution to managing your home’s temperature year round. Instead of paying for two, separate dedicated heating and cooling systems in your home, install a Lennox heat pump, which can accomplish both tasks. Lennox heat pumps are also more energy efficient than other options because they simply transfer heat instead of burning fuel to create it. This lack of combustion makes for a greener home and ensures a reduced energy bill. Additionally, Lennox heat pumps have the quietest sound rating in the industry, are recognized by the EPA as one of the greenest HVAC products on the market today. And because Lennox heat pumps are Energy Star approved, you can take advantage of government tax credits and utility rebates for even more savings.

Top of the Line in Lennox Heat Pumps

Lennox Signature® Collection XP21 and XP17 are the most energy efficient and quietest running heat pumps available today. Both models are distinguished by maximum SEER ratings, which promise both higher energy efficiency and lower energy costs. With the XP21 and XP17, Lennox has their eye on the future: both systems offer solar capabilities, enabling you to heat or cool your home using the rays of our sun.

The Lennox XP21 heat pump is a two-stage model that comes with a programmable thermostat. Its exceptional coil mechanism provides the fastest, most efficient heat transfer and lowest air resistance, both of which decrease your energy costs. To enhance comfort and fuel efficiency, the heat pump also can be combined with a gas furnace into dual fuel system. The XP21 is a “smart system” with a programmable thermostat and will provide energy savings while still maintaining your preset home comfort level. Depending on your preset temperature, the dual fuel system will alternate between the electric heat pump and the gas furnace, resulting in optimized energy efficiency and a reduced energy bill.

The Lennox XP17 heat pump offers a single-stage operation. This model has two settings: one for cooling, one for heating, and cycles air at just one speed. As a result, it can take longer for a single stage heat pump to condition the room to your desired temperature, especially if there is a dramatic temperature difference between inside and out. The XP17 is a solid option for those living in harsh climates as they come with a rugged outdoor fan motor fully equipped with composite blades that won’t break down even in the face of the worst winter weather. And if you’re looking for some financial peace of mind to go with your unparalleled level of home comfort, your Lennox heat pump will come with a ten year warranty on its compressor and covered components.

The Lennox Elite® Series XP16 and XP14 heat pumps are a bit less expensive than the Signature® series, but still provide high energy efficiency and exceptional comfort and indoor air quality. Both quietly operating models boast a SEER of 16.5, so that silence you hear is the sound of you saving money. While only the XP16 model is equipped with two stage operation, both products offer a ten year warranty plan on its compressor, and five year coverage on other components. And for the cautious consumer, extended warranty coverage is available, as well.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Lennox Merit® Series 14PHX and 13PHX heat pumps are the most economical choice, ranking in with SEER ratings of 13 and 14, respectively, along with quiet operation features. Both units offer a five year warranty on its compressor and covered components. Again, extended warranty coverage is also available.

Why Lennox?

Here at Arco Comfort Air, we love recommending Lennox brand heat pumps to our customers. Time and time again, they have left homeowners better off than they were before. Whether it’s the artificial intelligence of the XP21, the weather resistant toughness of the XP17, the affordability of the XP14 or the energy efficiency of all three, we feel confident that with Lennox, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Now that you have the facts, don’t hesitate, call Arco Comfort Air at (216) 220-2566 today!

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