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ROI for your A/C Investment in Cleveland

High SEER Ratings Means You Get a More Efficiency While Saving Money

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average American household spends about $1,000 a year on operating an air conditioning system. If you are among those paying that much to keep your home comfortable throughout the warmer months, the certified HVAC technicians at Arco Comfort Air can help you switch to a high efficiency system, saving you up to 60% of those costs. You can identify these high efficiency systems by their SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Air conditioning systems with a high SEER means you get more cool air per electricity wattage used. Although these systems have higher up-front costs than lower efficiency models, they will ultimately save money for those living in regions with long cooling seasons and have high energy bills. High efficiency air conditioning systems also use an environmentally friendly refrigerant called R-410A, allowing you to do your part to protect the environment while saving on your energy bill.

There are many factors that determine just how much you can save with a high efficiency air conditioner. These can range from the system’s settings and design to regular equipment maintenance and repair. For a baseline estimate of how much upgrading to a high efficiency system could save you, check out your current system’s SEER rating and your annual cooling costs. Older systems will have a poor rating (usually 10 or lower), especially if installed before 1992. For example, a household system with a SEER rating of 8, which currently spends the average annual energy costs of $1,000, could reduce those costs to around $410 each year by upgrading to a high efficiency 19.5 rated system. For those keeping score at home, that’s a cost reduction of almost 60%. Additionally, a household with a 12 rated SEER system that costs around $533 annually, could actually be spending as little as $356 with an 18 rated SEER system. The bottom line is that although high efficiency air conditioning systems cost more up front, they will pay for themselves within just a few cooling seasons. With that bit of arithmetic in mind, make the right choice and call us at Arco Comfort Air to get the ball rolling on installing your new high efficiency air conditioner.

Now that you have the facts, don’t hesitate, call Arco Comfort Air at (216) 220-2566 today!

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