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Telltale Signs It’s Time for AC Repair in Cleveland

Now spring is here, it’s the best time of year for AC repair in Cleveland. The days are still mild enough to survive without running your air conditioning, which means that you won’t be inconvenienced by a couple of hours for a good maintenance visit.

Do You Need AC Repair?

Many homeowners and business owners don’t pay much attention to how their AC is working. They simply call an HVAC technician when their appliance fails completely. However, this isn’t the wisest course of action. By regularly maintaining your AC, you can ensure it works properly and cost-efficiently—and that in turn will result in a longer life of the appliance.

So how can you tell if your AC needs repair?

The AC doesn’t cool properly. A properly functioning AC cools a room significantly within around 10 minutes. If your unit doesn’t lower the room temperature quickly enough (or not at all), it can indicate a range of problems, from a broken sensor to a malfunctioning motor.
The appliance leaks. A leaking AC can result in costly water damage to your home. It can even cause electrical fires. Fortunately, this problem is usually an easy fix: all it calls for is to clean the drain line and condensate pan.
Your AC emits a strange odor. Since air conditioning is intended to improve indoor air quality, it’s very unpleasant when it emits a strange smell. This can signal a number of problems, including electrical issues, vermin infestation and problems with the coolant.
The unit makes unusual noises. If your appliance makes squeaking, banging or ticking sounds, it usually indicates that one or more parts are loose and/or broken.
Act Now to Protect Your Investment

If you notice any of these issues, call Arco Comfort Air right away to schedule a service appointment. One of our experienced HVAC specialists will come to your home or business right away, assess the situation, and perform repairs right away or, if necessary, discuss a replacement. So don’t leave it till it’s too late: get your Ac serviced now to protect your investment and guarantee a pleasant living or work environment!

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