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Water Heating Options- Akron, Ohio

Arco Plumbing – Finding the Best Water Heating System for Your Home

Your water heater is a pivotal piece of equipment in your home. When it comes to cooking, cleaning, showering, space heating, and more, you need a water heating system that will be reliable and energy efficient so that you can save yourself the headache of temperature inefficiencies and expensive
utility bills. In the course of your busy life, you probably don’t think very much about your water heater, and that’s generally a good thing; homeowners shouldn’t have to worry constantly about
whether or not their water heater is doing its job, and if you can take your heater for granted then that typically means it’s doing its job!

But are you sure that your water heating system is the best possible type for your home? There are multiple options, each one with its own set of advantages. If you take your water heating for granted, you might be missing out on some potential savings in terms of both energy and money. At Arco
Plumbing, we want you to be informed so you can make qualified decisions about your heating. We install all kinds of water heating units, so all you need to do is choose and our expert technicians take care of the rest.

We want to help you with the choice, which is why our plumbers are available to do estimates and make recommendations 24/7.

Here’s some preliminary info about water heating so you can start
the process on your own.

There are three main types of water heaters:

Conventional Water Heating– The traditional style of water heating that most homes are equipped
with is a storage tank unit. These units work by holding water in a 40 to 80-gallon tank at a preset temperature so it can be piped through the house at any time. The disadvantages of this system are energy waste (since the storage tank is always being heated, even when the water isn’t
on) and extra maintenance requirements such as refills and tank replacements. Most old homes have conventional boilers already installed.

Tankless Water Heating– A more modern style of water heating is the tankless unit, which heats water in a series of coils rather than a storage tank for a perpetual stream of hot water that is never stored. These units are more advanced and can be more cost-efficient, effective, and eco-friendly than storage
tank methods.

High-Efficiency Water Heating- While some of the most efficient water heaters may be more expensive, they are worth considering as a long-term investment. High-Efficiency Water Heaters use natural gas to heat the water in your home in the most environmentally conscious way possible, and at the same time, they save you money by making the most of every ounce of energy.

Any of these options are available for installation with Arco. We’ll get you the highest-quality product and the most reliable technicians so you skip the hassle of your replacement.

Call Arco today to get an estimate on a new water heating system today!

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