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When Should You Call Arco for Faucet Repair in Beachwood, OH?

Broken faucets, drips and leaking water can waste a lot of water and significantly increase water costs. The shower and tub are a daily necessity in your home. They contribute to personal hygiene and overall cleanliness. The kitchen sink is vital to meal prep and cleaning. These are two of the most often used rooms in your home and the two used by every member of the family, so keeping your faucets in working order is important. When your faucets stop functioning properly, it throws the whole operation out of kilter. Keep reading for a few ways to know when to call us for faucet repair in Beachwood, OH.

The most obvious reason for a faucet repair is a leak. Leaks can be annoying, but they can also be costly. Daily wear and tear can cause fittings and washers to become loose or dislodged and lead to drips that cause corrosion, increase water consumption and water bills.

Here are other signs that you may need faucet repair:

  • The kitchen sink sprayer trickles instead of spraying
  • The seals on your faucets become worn or cracked
  • Your aerator becomes clogged or shows signs of mineral buildup
  • Your faucet clangs or makes other noises when water is flowing

Most homeowners can handle a few simple DIY plumbing projects, but some repairs should definitely be left to licensed, trained professionals. For instance, if your faucet repair requires shutting off water flow, or if you simply cannot diagnose the problem and come up with a solution, you probably need a professional hand. Our experts can handle anything from leak repair to faucet replacement to installing a new faucet to replacing valve connections and loose fittings.

Did you know there are four types of faucets – ball, cartridge, compression and disc? Do you know which type you have? Our experienced plumbers can readily identify your faucet type and determine which type of repair might be necessary. Call us today for a consultation and we’ll supply you with friendly, affordable faucet repair in Beachwood, OH.

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