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Why Do I Need To Clean My Air Ducts?

Why you need to clean your air ducts is kind of a given. We talk a lot about ways to reduce your heating and cooling bill, as well as ways to reduce allergens in the home.

Arco Comfort Air centers our business around creating comfort, and all the services that we offer are meant to help you be as comfortable as possible without breaking the bank.

Air duct cleaning is no different. There are plenty of benefits to having your ducts cleaned – all of which are going to save you money in the long run, and give you a better quality of living within your own home.

The actual scientific research being done to prove that air duct cleaning is a crucial job is still in its infancy, but we don’t need to throw a bunch of statistics at you to make it clear that having a clean space is better than having a space caked in dust and debris.

Look at it this way: your body operates as an entire system. Your heart pumps blood through your veins, which distribute blood throughout your body, helping all your organs and muscles operate the way they are supposed to.

Now, if you think of your house in the same terms, your HVAC unit would be the heart, air would be the blood, and your air ducts would be veins. Much like how it is unhealthy for your body system to have clogged arteries, it is not healthy for your home HVAC system to have debris caked inside the ducts.

When you have too much build-up in the ducts, you lose some airflow. The air that does move through the dirty duct is going to pick up debris as it passes through, which in turn, causes the air throughout your home to have more airborne allergens and debris.

It only makes sense that a clean space is going to be healthier than a dirty space, and these benefits will ring true when it comes to your bills as well. Since an HVAC unit is a functioning system, cleaning the inner workings of that system is going to make the whole thing operate more efficiently, reducing both your energy usage and the cost you have to pay for heating and cooling.

So, it is certainly a good thing to have clean air ducts. However, what some contractors don’t want you to know is that you don’t necessarily need your ducts to be immaculate and spotless.

It’s great if you want to keep them spotless with frequent cleaning, but the cost of the service is not exactly cheap, and if your whole goal is to stay comfortable and save money, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to pay extra for a service that you don’t absolutely need.

Some people will tell you that duct cleaning should be done regularly, and some will say that it should only be done when absolutely necessary. We don’t really disagree with either side – we just find it important that you do whatever you’re most comfortable with!

For some people who don’t have a hard time with allergens and dust, duct cleaning can be put off until it is absolutely needed. What’s important is that you stay comfortable, so if you notice a huge difference in air quality after cleaning your ducts, maybe that’s a sign that it isn’t a bad idea to have it done regularly after all!

It’s not extremely hard to figure out if your home is ready for a duct cleaning, and Arco Comfort Air will actually come out to your home, do an inspection, and show you the inner workings of your ducts with a camera. If you and the technician both agree that you need a cleaning, we can get to work right on the spot!

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