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Why is My Furnace Producing No Heat?

Who wishes to be without any heat in the middle of the winter season? Noone wants no heat! That’s why, with winter being just a few weeks away, you should check sooner than later to make sure that all of the
components of your furnace or heating system are in proper, working order before the snow starts falling.
What happens if you discover that your furnace or heating system is not heating and you are not sure what the cause is? Fortunately enough, Arco Comfort Air is here to shine a light on what a few possible causes of your failing heating system might be.

Common Causes of a Failing Furnace, Resulting in No Heat

A thermostat in your home has broken.
The circuit breaker or fuse that is controlling the furnace has blown out.
The natural gas or propane control valve has closed.
The pilot light is out (if you have a non-electronic ignition).
You could have a hot surface ignition electronic ignition problem.
You could have an intermittent pilot electronic ignition problem.

Solutions for a Failing Furnace, Resulting in No Heat

Try moving the thermostat dial setting up or down a few degrees to test
its functionality.
Clean contacts in the thermostat if it is a non-digital type
Reset the tripped circuit breaker.
Replace the blown fuse.
Relight the pilot light.

Aside from just not being able to produce heat, furnaces and heating systems can suffer from a variety of other problems, which is why it is good to tune up your unit on a regular basis. Getting your heating system looked at will prevent the above problems from happening at the most inopportune times.
If you would like to get your furnace or are worried about having no heat for the winter season, look no further than Arco Comfort Air. Call us today!

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