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Why Do You Need a Maintenance Plan?

If you don’t service your car, you compromise the safety, performance, and gas mileage. Your HVAC system is no different. Buildup of dirt, wear of components, and improper airflow levels can decrease your system’s performance by up to 5% each year that does not include a tune-up.

A few reasons why you should get a maintenance plan for your heater and air conditioner:

  • Frequent cleaning helps your system run longer.
  • Proper calibration keeps your system operating at its most efficient, reducing your energy bills.
  • Regular inspections reduce the risk of and protect your family from potential carbon dioxide poisoning or late-night breakdowns.

All of these are important reasons to maintain your system, but there is another one: 

We understand your struggle. Annual Tune-ups are like insurance. Insurance is important, but sometimes our budgets force us to choose to do without it. Our team of Cleveland HVAC maintenance specialists at ARCO Comfort Air thinks there is a way to have both, and we’ve stepped up to make it possible for you to avoid having to choose between protection and budget.

Not All Maintenance Plans Are Created Equally

Our new Maintenance Plan, called our Service Maintenance Plan (SMP), is designed to protect:

  • Your heating and cooling system
  • Your family
  • Your budget

How does our Service Maintenance Plan work?

  • Maintenance plans are a low monthly fee, starting at $14.95 a month for an air conditioner and a furnace.

Rewards of Your SMP Membership

  • Equipment costs made easy:
  • High-Performance Tune-Up: Recommended by manufacturers and utilities alike, regularly scheduled service can reduce breakdowns by as much as 95% and lower your utility bills by 30%!
  • Extended Repair warranty: One-year on all repairs, versus 65-days for non-agreement customers.
  • Priority Emergency Service: Don’t wait in line! As a SMP Member, you are our priority and jump to the head of the line when you call. Your job will be scheduled ahead of customers who do not have SMP membership. When your emergency strikes, you’ll be glad to be at the front of the line. This applies to all emergency calls.
  • Schedule flexibility: Extended appointment times to fit YOUR schedule.
  • Tune-up reminders: Relax, we’ll call you! As a SMP Member, we make your satisfaction, equipment, and projects our top priority. We’ll call to schedule your tune-up, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We promise your complete satisfaction—GUARANTEED! If you are not fully satisfied, let us know, and we’ll make it right or you don’t pay!
  • Trusted Professional on Your Home Service Team: Your technician is not only trained to care for your equipment, but they are also trained to care for you and your home. You’ll take comfort in knowing our technicians are drug-tested and background-checked with experience providing excellent service.
  • Great discounts: You will receive 10% off the bottom line of any heating or cooling repairs as well as air quality accessories like air cleaners, humidifiers, and more.
  • Transferable: Your Service Maintenance Plan agreement can either be transferred to your new home, to the buyer of the home you are selling, or both!
  • Save energy & money: Have you ever tried to breathe through a paper bag? Hard, isn’t it? That’s like what your heating and air conditioning system is doing when it isn’t clean. It can’t breathe well. It works harder and must use more energy to cool and heat your home. This means that you pay more to the power company as your HVAC system struggles. A clean system uses less energy, lowering your energy bill!
  • Prevent costly repairs: Our professionally trained technicians can spot minor issues before they become major crises and repairs.
  • Extend the life of your HVAC system: The number one cause of equipment failure is dirt. Extend the life of your system be keeping it clean.
  • Safety: Ensure safe operation of your heating and cooling system with your yearly system checks.
  • Trip Fee Discount: Save 50% on your trip fee for service calls whether during regular business hours or after hours.
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