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Fixing Your Air Conditioning System Quickly & Efficiently in Northeast Ohio

If your air conditioning system isn’t functioning properly, you need to get it fixed immediately. Otherwise, you could face the further deterioration of your system that will require even more expensive repairs or even full system replacement to resolve. However, you may not even know that your AC system needs repairs but there are several signs you should look out for.

You may need an AC repair in Cleveland if:

Your System Produces Loud Noises or Strange Smells

Your AC probably makes noise when it starts or shuts off, but if you’re hearing loud crashes or banging when your system is operating, then that is an issue.

You Notice Strange Smells Coming from the Unit

Improper drainage, a gas leak, a dead animal, or mold can all be the source of foul smells coming from your AC unit and need to be inspected, not only for your comfort, but for your health as well.

Your System is Slow to Cool Your Air

Damaged ductwork and leaking refrigerant are two common causes of poor AC performance. Both can also cause a significant increase in your electric bill and are dangerous to attempt to fix without a licensed HVAC technician.

Your Indoor Air Quality is Aggravating Your Allergies

Air is continually cycling through your AC. If there's a problem with the unit, you could be polluting your own home and harming your indoor air quality. Make sure you’re switching out your air filters monthly. If your AC is still causing allergy symptoms, your system may be damaged or simply in need of a good cleaning.

Your Monthly Bills Have Spiked Unexpectedly

Your bill is like a report card for your system. A spike in your bill may be the first sign that something is wrong. This is why it’s vital to keep your bills organized, so you can identify when problems arise.

Our AC technicians at Arco Comfort Air are highly experienced with all major models of AC systems and can help fix yours in a timely and professional manner.

For more information about our AC repairs in Cleveland and how we can help you, please either call us today at (216) 220-2566 or contact us online. Call now and schedule a free consultation.

The Dangers of Not Repairing Your AC System

Air conditioning issues, however small, cannot be ignored. The components of an AC system all work together, in tandem, and rely on one another for the proper overall functioning of the system. If one component becomes faulty, the entire system may very well become compromised, thereby requiring expensive repairs. It is best to have your system repaired as soon as possible to minimize the damage.

Our Cleveland AC repair technicians handle common AC issues as follows:

  • Fuses – Fuses direct power to AC systems and if a fuse is broken, loose, damaged, or burnt out, the system will likely not work. We can check your fuses and repair or replace them as necessary.
  • Relays – A relay is a switch that tells certain components to turn off or on. When a relay is damaged or worn down, it may be unable to tell components to turn off. We can replace your relays easily.
  • Capacitors – Capacitors help provide power to components in order to get them started. Once damaged, capacitors fail to provide sufficient power to AC systems. These are also an easy fix.
  • Outdoor fan motor – Outdoor fan motors help keep your AC system cool as it operates. If it becomes damaged or blocked by debris, your system can overheat and even break. We can replace these as well.

We can also repair all other AC issues that you may experience. Since 1955, our technicians have been providing effective and personalized services to customers throughout Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. You can count on us to handle all your Cleveland AC repairs needs today.

Call today or contact us online to schedule a free consultation for AC repair in Cleveland, OH or the surrounding areas!

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