Air Conditioner Had Broken Blower Motor in Cleveland, OH

Recognize the Symptoms of a Failing Blower Motor

This customer reported no cold air coming out of his vents when his air conditioner kicked in. The outdoor fan was not moving and the motor was hot to the touch. He did the right thing by cutting off power to the unit and giving us a call.

The blower motor pushes air through your ducts so that it can eventually circulate through your home. If it develops a problem, it will more than likely need to be replaced. You should probably know when a problem is on the horizon, and we can help inform you:

  1. If you hear a humming sound
  2. Sporadic operation
  3. If you notice that there is no cold air coming into your home
  4. If it stops running after a few hours
  5. If you can hear the fan outside, like this customer could, but no cool air is moving into your home

When you call Arco for your air conditioner problems, we will ensure that everything is working properly so you and your family can stay cool this summer.

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