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Ask a Bedford Heating Contractor About Furnace Repair

Winter Has Arrived, and so Have Many Furnace Problems

There’s no pretending that winter isn’t here anymore. Its front and center – with temperatures in Beachwood dropping to an icy cold 34 degrees this week. Chances are, you have recently turned on your furnace in order to keep warm.

We never want you to have any problems with your heating system. However, that may be an unrealistic thing to hope for because furnaces are not indestructible and, at one point or another, something is bound to go wrong.

The beginning of winter is a popular time for homeowners to need repair work done because their furnaces have just sat dormant for months. It’s nothing to fret over – especially when you have Arco Comfort Air on your side.

Common Furnace Problems You May See

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your furnace over the course of its life, but we want to make you aware of some of the most common so you’ll be prepared if they happen to you:

  1. Bad electrical connections
  2. Thermostat malfunctions causing no heat and comfort problems
  3. Defective blowers
  4. Airflow problems causing the furnace to overheat or have poor heating control
  5. Broken fans
  6. Dirt or clogged filters resulting in comfort or air flow problems
  7. Bad electrical connections
  8. No heat

What Arco Will Do for You

The most important thing we can promise you is that you will not have to wait until morning to have your furnace repaired. Arco offers 24-hour emergency service so that you can feel comfortable no matter what time it is.

In addition to that, though, when our technicians arrive at your home we will:

  1. Inspect your furnace
  2. Determine the cause of the issue
  3. And provide a job-based quote upfront (no surprises!)

Leaving your furnace unattended and broken for too long won’t make for a warm, comfortable winter for you and your family. Let us help. Call Arco Comfort Air today!