#1 Tip for AC Repair in Cleveland: Don't Wait For a Heatwave!

Finally, temperatures are rising! Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. With high temperatures and humidity just around the corner, you need to start preparing! Whether it’s shopping for a new air conditioner or calling in assistance for AC repair in the Cleveland area, Arco Comfort Air is here to help!

Watch for Damage to Your AC Components

To better understand your air conditioner and make sure that it stays well maintained you should pay attention to signs of AC distress. Your AC might need to be serviced if it: won’t turn on, isn’t blowing cold air through your home, the air is not as cold as it should be, or the unit is leaking water. Your AC might also be experiencing potential problems if your energy bills are unusually high.

Over time, many components of an AC unit become dirty, clogged, or can be damaged from overuse. An expert, like those at Arco Comfort Air, can help determine the exact problem your AC is experiencing. Any of the following AC components might need to be repaired or replaced: capacitors, compressor piping, drain lines, evaporator coil, fuses, indoor blower motor, outdoor blower motor, or relay switches. A professional at Arco Comfort Air can assess damages and make replacements, even clean and unclog your AC unit. If you’re unsure why your AC isn’t working properly, give them a call!

AC Repair Service

Even if your air conditioner is broken and you are ready to give it the boot, there may be some repair options that will be more affordable than buying a whole new unit. Always call a professional for a second opinion.

At Arco Comfort Air, AC repairs are their specialty. They can help you with any of the following services: air handler repair, blower motor installation, compressor repair, Freon line repair, and heat pump repair. So don’t wait until the next heat wave to have your air conditioner serviced, save yourself the stress and call a technician at Arco Comfort Air today!

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