5 Spring Tips for Heating and Cooling in Cleveland OH

After months of snow and ice, winter is finally fading off for the year, allowing beautiful spring days filled with warmer weather head. As the weather changes, you as a homeowner need to keep your heating and cooling in Cleveland, OH in mind. Keeping comfortable home will no longer rely solely on heat, and you can take a few smart steps to improve heating and cooling in your home this spring. Below are 5 spring tips for heating and cooling in Cleveland, OH from our staff at Arco Comfort Air.

  1. Replace Filters: As a homeowner, checking and replacing both furnace and air conditioning filters in your HVAC system once a month is a good practice to get in the habit of. If you haven’t changed your filter since last summer, checking and replacing the filter in your air conditioning unit should be a top priority before the warmer weather hits. Additionally, changing the furnace filter before the end of the winter will ensure your system is ready to go next season. Replacing filters will remove allergens from the fibers and improve efficiency of the unit.
  1. Use Fans: If your home has ceiling fans, use them. Fans are a great way to circulate air through your home without using a lot of energy. A fan used in conjunction with an air conditioner can lower the energy requirements of your AC unit to keep your home cool. They can also be utilized to remove humidity from the home, like when using a fan in the bathroom when showering, and make your home more comfortable.
  1. Thermostat Efficiency: During the warmer spring and summer months, set your thermostat as high as you can to be comfortable. This will keep your AC unit from turning on too early, cooling the house too much and wasting energy.
  1. Open and Close the Windows: During the night when it cools off, opening a few windows in your home is a cost effective way to bring cooler air into your home. Just make sure to close them during the day when it heats up to keep the cooler air inside the house. Leaving them open when it’s hot could end up causing your house to heat up even more, costing you even more in energy bills.
  1. Insulate Your Home: Sealing cracks in your home, or adding weatherstripping to seal doors and windows in your home can do wonders for heating and cooling. In the summer, it will help trap in cool air and keep out the warmth. In the winter it will do the opposite, trapping the warmer air generated by your heating system and protecting your Cleveland home from the brutal winter cold.

Heating and cooling in Cleveland, OH, can be a bit of a headache as the seasons change. Our list above is just a few ideas to improve heating and cooling. For more questions, or maintenance on the HVAC units in your home, call Arco Air Comfort this spring.

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