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If you need a water heater installed, repaired, tuned up, or replaced, you’ve come to the right place! The Arco water heater specialists can find the perfect fit for your home so that you always have clean, immediate running water at any temperature you like! Wake up every morning to a nice warm shower and never run out of hot water again.

New Efficiency Regulations of 2015

As of April of 2015, the Department of Energy’s new regulations on water heater efficiency will go into effect nationwide, and these changes will have a real impact on any consumers looking to install or replace their home’s water heater. Now that energy standards for water heaters will be higher, manufacturers will no longer make certain models after the mid-April deadline. This will mean:

  • Higher-Prices– The newer water heater models will be more efficient, which means reduced costs in the long run, but the initial investment could be up to 35% more expensive. You won’t have an alternative option once the legislation goes into effect!
  • Larger Units– Because the newer models have more insulation, they could be about 2 inches taller and 2 inches wider or more. This could make it difficult for homeowners to do a direct replacement of their water heater, which will make life especially difficult if you’re replacing a failed device.
  • More Complicated Installation- Installing a higher efficiency device is an overall more complicated and time-intensive process than a conventional water heater.

Improved efficiency is great for a number of reasons, but these regulations may make life a hassle if you need an immediate water heater replacement. That’s why we strongly recommend that you book a consultation with one of our water heater experts today. If you decide you want to install a water heater before the regulations take effect, we’ll reserve you a water heater from our inventory. Note: tankless water heaters already pass the efficiency standards that are going into effect. Learn more about upgrading to tankless here

But you can’t wait! Call Arco for a water heater consultation today!

Water Heater Repair

Whether you’re taking a long, hot shower, cleaning dishes in the kitchen sink, or washing clothes in the washer, hot water is important in every household. Why sacrifice your comfort when a minor repair is all you need? If you experience any of the following, call the experts at Arco to see how we can repair and improve your water heater’s performance today:

  • Area wet around the base of the heater
  • Pooling water next to the water heater
  • Mildew smell in the basement
  • Lack of water pressure
  • Dripping sound

Don’t deal with a broken water heater or risk complete water heater failure — call in the experts today!

Water Heater Replacement

Here are some signs you might need a water heater replacement:

  • Pilot light outages
  • Thermostat failure
  • Gas control valve failure
  • Rust and corrosion buildup
  • Leaks
  • Pressure release valve failure
  • Poor water pressure and temperature
  • Sediment deposit (the source of your rust colored water)

If not attended properly, a water heater can spring a leak and flood your entire basement or utility room. But you don’t have to risk such extensive property damage: you can call Arco and get an upgrade today! Plus, if you want to get a replacement before you are forced to install a larger, more expensive water heater model in April of 2015, call Arco for a consultation now at (216) 220-2566!

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