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Indoor Air Humidification Making the Air More Enjoyable to Breathe

Indoor Air Humidification in Solon

Effectively Making Your Home Comfortable & Less Dry

We have all experienced the discomfort that comes with dry winter air.

While you may be toasty warm in your home, you are also likely dealing with the effects of the drier air including:

  • Dry skin
  • Itchy eyes
  • Dry sinuses
  • Furniture damage
  • Throat discomfort
  • Hardwood floor warping

Luckily, for Solon residents, there is a way to increase your comfort without reducing the amount of heat in your home: Home humidification.

The Benefits of Indoor Air Home Humidification in Solon

Humidity refers to the amount of moisture present in the air. In the desert, one of the driest places on earth, the typical amount of moisture in the air is 25%. In your home during the winter, the humidity level is about 15%, which means that in terms of humidity, your home is drier than the desert! Humidifiers add moisture back into your air, allowing you to eliminate the effects of hot air on your home and family. Arco Comfort Air offers humidifiers that use water vapors instead of droplets and mist.

How Does A Humidifier Work?

The humidifiers that Arco Air Comfort installs are attached to your furnace and force moisture into the air as it moves through your heating system. Depending on the model you choose, you may set the humidity level manually or allow the smart system to adjust and monitor the humidity in your home automatically. The water that collects in your system is automatically drained, making a humidifier extremely low maintenance for your home. We are a proud dealer of Aprilaire humidifiers and offer the Model 500 bypass, 600A automatic control, and 700 powered control models.

Humidifier Maintenance

Arco Comfort Air recommends that you change the humidifier pad twice a year; once in the beginning of the cold season and a second time midway through. We can also come out and check your humidifier’s performance on an annual basis to make sure you stay comfortable all winter long.

Stay comfortable in your home this winter; have a humidification system installed by Arco Comfort Air today. Call us at (216) 220-2566 for effective indoor air humidification in Solon.

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