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If you have noticed that your drains are not flowing as well as they should, there may be a clog that needs to be addressed. No matter how minor or severe the issue may be, our plumbing team at Arco Comfort Air has the experience necessary to handle it. We are proud to have served homeowners in our community for over 60 years, and we can provide fast, lasting solutions for stopped-up drains.

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What Causes Drain Clogs?

If you have a sink that is backing up, one or more toilets that won't flush, or water pooling in the shower, you probably have a clog in your drain or sewer line. Although this is a common plumbing problem, it's still one that requires prompt attention so you can keep your home hygienic.

Drains can become clogged due to a number of factors, including:

  • "FOG", an industry term for "fats, oil, and grease"
  • Mineral buildup from hard water
  • Foreign objects blocking the drain or damaging the pipe
  • Hair, soap, or other debris
  • Tree roots interrupting or damaging the line

When you call Arco, our experienced Cleveland drain cleaning team can determine the cause and location of the clog in order to offer the best solution for your needs. This could be as simple as clearing the way with a mechanical snake, or your system could require the more thorough, intensive treatment offered by hydro-jetting.

Affordable Solutions for Clogged Garbage Disposals, Sinks, Toilets & Tub Drains

A clogged drain may seem like a minor issue, but it has the potential to cause much larger structural problems if not addressed. We are trained to identify clogs and the best possible solution to maintain the integrity of the pipe and the system as a whole. This is why we always recommend that our customers reach out to our Cleveland drain cleaning pros with these issues, rather than trying to DIY the problem and possibly causing even more damage.

Decades of Experience at Your Service

Here at Arco, our Cleveland drain cleaning experts take the time to thoroughly diagnose every situation because we understand that no two cases are exactly alike. We'll help you find the solution that's best suited to the type of clog you're dealing with and its location in your system, whether it's localized in your toilet's P-trap or somewhere deeper in your sewer lines.

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