Air Conditioning Repair in Beachwood

Don’t Swelter in the Summer Heater – Just Get a Repair!

It never fails, does it? When your air conditioning unit decides it needs a break and stops chuffing out its frigid breath, it’s always on the hottest, most humid, most uncomfortable day of the year. Which means you’ll likely be highly motivated to get it repaired quickly and efficiently, without spending a fortune.

But first things first. There’s always a reason that an air conditioner fails, regardless of the timing. Let’s look at some of the reasons an air conditioning unit fails in the first place.

Common AC Problems

  1. A faulty heat pump, which is responsible for climate control
  2. A bad compressor, which cools the actual air
  3. Low or leaking Freon, the chemical refrigerant in your air conditioner
  4. A malfunctioning blower motor, which blows the cold air into your home

This list isn’t exhaustive by any means, but these tend to be likely culprits when the cool air stops flowing.

Servicing Components

There are a lot of moving pieces to the puzzle that is a faulty air conditioner. A professional A/C technician will likely check and/or service these parts:

  1. Fuses – give the air conditioner power
  2. Relays – switches that tell the unit to turn on or off
  3. Capacitors – provide the unit the power boost it needs
  4. Outdoor fan motor – keeps the air conditioner from overheating
  5. Indoor blower motor – blows the air into your home
  6. Compressor piping components – the pipes and accessories that carry the Freon
  7. Evaporator coil – warm air passes over it and cools down
  8. Drain lines – remove the air conditioner’s condensation

Generally speaking, unless an air conditioning unit is ancient, has never been maintained, or has so many problems it’s not even worth the attempt, a professional air conditioning repair technician can save it, make the necessary repairs, and get it back to doing what it was meant to do – keeping you cool.

Sweltering in the heat because your air conditioner’s busted? Then swelter no more! Arco Comfort Air has the air conditioning repair skills and experience you’re looking for. For nearly 65 years, they’ve been in charge of air conditioning repair in Beachwood. Contact Arco today!

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