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Careers at Arco Comfort Air

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Do you have what it takes to join a growing home service team in Northeast? Looking to take your career in the trade industry to the next level? Apply now—call or fill out the form!

Arco Comfort Air is growing by design, not by chance! Unlimited training, a great working environment, a focus on the community, and genuine respect for our employees makes us one of the most desirable companies to work for in Northeastern Ohio.

If you know someone already in the plumbing or HVAC trades that can help us lead the way, we want to talk to them.

Training from No Experience to Hands-On Technician in Months

Arco Comfort Air has always been a progressive company and training is one area that we excel in. We use a three-prong approach including virtual reality (VR), hands-on training in our state-of-the-art lab, and on-the-job training by senior technicians. This training program takes an inexperienced person wanting to enter the trades to being able to bill out for useful work in six months or less, compared to two years at most trade schools. Soon after we have an advanced technician who understands the technology of today’s HVAC systems.

We are willing to train the right candidates! Our training partners include:

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Become an Advanced Technician in Months

Virtual Reality

The software uses a computer-generated simulation, virtual reality (VR), which allows a student to interact with an environment using a headset. The benefits of using virtual reality technologies in the HVAC industry are numerous. Students are already comfortable with technology as they use computers, smartphones and gaming devices.

Safety is a major concern when students are working on live electrical circuits and pressurized systems. Within the VR environment, instructors and employers do not have to worry about students becoming injured while learning to diagnose problems and how to service heating and cooling equipment. This method is completely safe.

Breakage could be a potential problem when training inexperienced persons. When using the VR system, a student cannot accidentally break a part or component while learning to work on systems. This helps keep costs down for us, the employer. 

Variety of units is also expanded for students with the opportunity of using the VR system. They can learn systems that might not be in our lab, such as sophisticated heat pumps or roof top units.

Lab Training 

Arco Comfort Air is building an even more extensive and better lab for hands-on training in a bigger facility. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and duct fabrication equipment are key factors to helping our technicians learn to troubleshoot, service and install all manners of equipment. Our trainers share their knowledge with our apprentices. We also may choose to send apprentices to manufacturers’ training courses.

On-the-Job Training

Arco Comfort Air utilizes the sharing of knowledge of our senior technicians with our apprentices who ride with them. The apprentices see what they have just learned in the VR training and apply their new knowledge in the presence of HVAC experts. From training to real jobs, back to training and on to more jobs. This system works well for Arco Comfort Air’s apprentices.

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Carlos entered our apprentice training program with an interest in the trades and no experience. He has progressed through the HVAC modules on heating and has improved his skills to a level that he is successfully working on customers’ equipment.

Skill learning training is fantastic for a number of reasons. The algorithm is similar to that of a video game in the way that it allows you to learn through real-life simulations. I also appreciate that it teaches/explains concepts in basic terms, so it’s easy to follow and get the hang of. Finally, it provides videos and examples on how things are done and what to monitor for in real-life situations, which is helpful.”  – – Carlos T. 

About Us

At Arco Comfort Air, our factory-trained technicians specialize in providing our clients with dependable heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services. From duct cleaning, indoor air quality improvement, and emergency plumbing repairs, we are the trusted name for total comfort. We proudly serve our clients with exceptional service, quality, and friendly, reliable, same-day emergency services. No matter the job, Arco is your neighborhood heating and cooling contractor.

We rely on our hardworking team to achieve 100% client satisfaction. That is why we strive to hire and retain the best people who are passionate about home services and love the brand. We truly appreciate our dynamic team, that’s why we provide them the resources needed to create their own opportunities and competitive compensation.

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  • A Minimum of 1 Year Apprentice Experience
  • Strong Communication and People Skills
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Drug Test and Background Check


  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance Covered
  • Excellent Earnings Potential
  • Ongoing Training and Support
  • Work Available Year Round
  • Highly Competitive Pay Structure
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